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Trail Report

posted on January 27th, 2010 - 5:48AM

We went for a ride yesterday to see how things held up with all the rain that we got on Sunday. We rode 417, 7 and 8. 417 had a few icy spots east of Au Train. Trail 7 from south of the Buckhorn to trail 8 had some ice on the corners but not bad. Trail 8 back to the resort was about the same.

Overall in this area the trails we rode were a lot better than I thought they would be after this weekend's weather and we had a good time riding. When I get more info I will post.

We got about 3" of new snow yesterday and there is more in the forecast for Thursday. But with the weather forecasts this winter, I will believe it when I see the snow on the ground.

The forest roads were actually better than the last time I rode them. The rain and warm temps smoothed out the bumps.


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